Land Surveying

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2 yrs
This programme is designed to prepare students to enter the profession of Surveying. Students will be able to use open and closed traverses, location of topographic detail for the preparation of plans, layout of construction works, and the invert level installation for civil works. The students will be exposed to the uses and precision of surveys, distance measurement, the level, the transit, angular measurement, differential and profile levelling and fundamentals of construction surveys. Emphasis is placed on experience with EDM and electronic tachometer instruments and processing field data from data collectors through the computer to print media. Students are prepared to further studies leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Surveying. Licensing Opportunities: Successful students are encouraged to take the local Surveying Licensing exam at the Survey Department of the Government of the Virgin Islands which will qualify them to demarcate property and perform topographical surveys.
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Programme Goals

Demonstrate an understanding of the theory, convention, standards, and procedures associated with the preparation of architectural and structural drawings.

Prepare preliminary architectural working drawings and sketches using computed assisted drafting techniques.

Create orthographic drawings of mechanical components, manufactured parts, and buildings.

Create three-dimensional pictorial representations to include isometric, oblique, and perspective views from orthographic projections.

Demonstrate an understanding of and proper usage of survey field equipment.

Process and analyse field and computed data as related to surveying.

Demonstrate the proper interpretation of surveying data used within the construction application.

Suggested Sequence of Courses
Semester 1
COM 100
Personal Development for College Success
1 Credits
ENG 104
English Composition I
3 Credits
MAT 115
Technical Mathematics I
3 Credits
Elementary Spanish/French
3 Credits
TCS 102
Computer Aided Drafting
3 Credits
TCS 103
Technical Drawing
3 Credits
Semester 2
ENG 104
English Composition I
3 Credits
Intermediate Spanish/French
3 Credits
TCS 100
Blue print Reading and Construction Specifications
3 Credits
TCS 104
Freehand Drawing
3 Credits
TCS 113
3 Credits
Semester 3
Any 100-Level Social Science
3 Credits
ENG 105
English Composition II
3 Credits
Any 100-Level History course
3 Credits
PHY 110
General Physics I
4 Credits
TCS 110
Surveying Level 1
4 Credits
Semester 4
EET 100
Electrical Technology
3 Credits
ENG 106
Speech Communication
3 Credits
TCS 101
Introduction to Engineering
3 Credits
TCS 105
Construction Inspection and Project Management
3 Credits
TCS 210
Surveying Level II
4 Credits

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