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61 - 62
2 yrs
This concentration has its focus on the concepts central to human existence while exposing students to the diversity reflected in humanity. Students will become familiarised with essential theories regarding the nature of philosophy, anthropology, music, literature, and historical investigation. This concentration will prove useful to those students who wish to study Law, History, Philosophy, and Anthropology. Note: Students are encouraged to take MAT 113 to satisfy the General Education Mathematics requirement. PSY 100 will count as a General Education requirement.
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Programme Goals

Produce and communicate clear and effective arguments and ideas formed independently.

Develop an appreciation and understanding of literature’s personal, cultural, and historical significance.

Demonstrate an understanding of literary forms through studying the elements, structures, and characteristics of different types of literature.

Examine historical events in world civilizations, as well as large trends and themes up through 1500.

Demonstrate an understanding of how societies change over time and the implications for today.

Demonstrate an understanding of the political systems of Britain and the U.S.A.

Demonstrate the ability to think critically about various theories and ideas in philosophy

Suggested Sequence of Courses
Semester 1
ENG 104
English Composition I
3 Credits
ENG 107
Elements of Literature
3 Credits
COM 100
Personal Development for College Success
1 Credits
CSC 104
Microcomputer Applications
3 Credits
SPA/FRE 100 100/FA1
Elementary Spanish/French
3 Credits
Any 100-Level Science Course
4 Credits
Semester 2
ENG 105
English Composition II
3 Credits
ENG 125
Shakespeare and Other Authors
4 Credits
Any 100-Level History Course
3 Credits
PSY 100
Introduction to Psychology
3 Credits
Intermediate Spanish/French
3 Credits
Semester 3
HIS 120
Western Civilization
3 Credits
PHI 100
Introduction to Philosophy
3 Credits
SOC 100
Introduction to Sociology
3 Credits
ENG 106
Speech Communication
3 Credits
MAT 113
Introduction to Statistics
4 Credits
Semester 4
HIS 125
Introduction to Africa
3 Credits
HIS 121
World Civilization
3 Credits
HUM 205
Advanced Leadership Studies
3 Credits
ENG 222
Literary and Cultural Theory
4 Credits

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