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66 - 67
2 - 2.5 yrs
This programme is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in accounting and finance and to establish a foundation for further studies in finance and related fields. Students are expected to demonstrate the ability to apply financial planning, working capital management, make financial decisions, and break-even analysis techniques to evaluate the financial performance of a company. Students work on projects related to courses to enhance learning, they can gain entry-level employment or broaden their career opportunities. To be successful in this programme, students should pay close attention to details, possess good organisational skills, maintain a high degree of accuracy, be able to analyse detailed information, and follow procedures. Students will also learn how to use accounting software.
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Programme Goals

Apply basic knowledge related to financial management including financial statement analysis, financial markets, interest rates, return and risk in investments, bond and stock valuation and working capital management.

Evaluate the roles and functions of financial intermediaries and financial markets at the international and domestic levels.

Analyse the functioning of financial markets to track and evaluate the financial performance of investments.

Analyse how fluctuating economic various financial situations and information. Use technology effectively to communicate, analyse and conditions and government

Analyse the risk and returns of investment strategies, as well as the operation and within the context of investment portfolio management.

Communicate effectively in both written and oral forms, various financial situations and I information. Use technology effectively to communicate, analyse and value financial information;

Use analytical and critical thinking skills to solve problems in financial management situations.

Apply corporate governance and ethical principles and practices that are accepted in the financial world.

Suggested Sequence of Courses
Semester 1
COM 100
Personal Development for College Success
1 Credits
ENG 104
English Composition I
3 Credits
CSC 104
Microcomputer Applications
3 Credits
MAT 112
College Algebra for Business/Social Science
4 Credits
BUS 110
Fundamentals of Business
3 Credits
ACC 100/ FA1
Recording Financial Transactions
3 Credits
Semester 2
ENG 105
English Composition II
3 Credits
ECN 100
Principles of Microeconomics
3 Credits
ACC 101/ MA1
Maintaining Financial Records
3 Credits
BUS 241
Principles of Finance
3 Credits
Elementary Spanish/French
3 Credits
ENG 106
Speech Communication
3 Credits
Semester 3
BUS 242
Financial Management I
3 Credits
Any 100-Level Social Science Course
3 Credits
Intermediate Spanish/French
3 Credits
BUS 100
Business Law I
3 Credits
ACC 225
Accounting Software Applications
3 Credits
Semester 4
BUS 243
Financial Markets and Institutions
3 Credits
BUS 250
Investments and Securities Markets
3 Credits
Any 100-Level Science Course
3 Credits
HIS 1XX/ VIS 110
Any 100-Level History Course
3 Credits
MAT 113
Introduction to Statistics
4 Credits

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