Business Administration

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2 yrs
This transfer programme prepares students with foundation courses for upper level baccalaureate business programmes at other colleges and universities. The programme prepares students for majors in such areas as accounting, finance, management, marketing, human resources, economics, entrepreneurship, E-Business, small business management, and other business-related fields. Experiential learning opportunities are incorporated into the programme. Students completing this programme will be able to write business and marketing documents, conduct various interviews, make presentations, analyse basic economic situations, and solve problems using computer-based programmes.
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Programme Goals

Apply basic legal systems and practices that guide how business is conducted.

Demonstrate the ability to use the management process in a business environment.

Analyse trends that measure consumer needs, wants, and desires and show how they influence business practices.

Use technology effectively to communicate and analyse information related to business.

Use critical thinking skills to solve problems embedded in business situations.

Communicate effectively in written and oral form in business situations.

Analyse financial data and trends as they relate to everyday business.

Apply ethical principles and standards that are accepted in the business world.

Utilise internal control methodologies to enhance the reliability of the accounting function.

Suggested Sequence of Courses
Semester 1
ENG 104
English Composition 1
3 Credits
COM 100
Personal Development for College Success
1 Credits
CSC 104
Microcomputer Applications
3 Credits
BUS 110
Fundamentals of Business
3 Credits
MAT 110
College Algebra
4 Credits
Elementary Spanish/French
3 Credits
Semester 2
ACC 100/FA1
Recording Financial Transactions
3 Credits
ECN 100
Principles of Micro Economics
3 Credits
ENG 105
English Composition II
3 Credits
MAT 113
Introduction to Statistics
4 Credits
Intermediate Spanish/French
3 Credits
Semester 3
ACC 101/FA2
Maintaining Financial Records
3 Credits
BUS 100
Business Law
3 Credits
BUS 120
Principles of Marketing
3 Credits
ECN 105
Principles of Macro Economics
3 Credits
Any 100-Level Social Science
3 Credits
Semester 4
Any 100-Level Science
3 Credits
BUS 203
Management Principles
3 Credits
ENG 114
Effective Business Writing
3 Credits
ENG 106
Speech Communication
3 Credits
HIS 100/ 120/121
Any 100-Level History Course
3 Credits

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